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Users ‘ rights

Welcome to the official website of Les Aède, the website is owned by Les Aède, the Les Aède brand team is responsible for the build and operation of usual maintenance.

When the user uses this site, will be deemed to agree to this term, this page will be updated unregularly, please confirm on regular in order to protect your rights.


When using this site doing any purchase, which indicates that the user has read, understood, and agree to accept this term, and the user has agreed with using electronic documents to show his/her intention at the same time.

Content of this article may be modified at any time, if a user in the continued use of the site after any modifications or changes, deemed that the user has read, understood, and agree to accept the terms of this change and all change.

If user does not agree to this terms of use, or the state or region the user belongs excluded from all or part of the contents of this agreement, should immediately stop use this site.

Users once preorder or order on this Les Aède site, that is willing to buy the product or service and is willing to abide by the rules.

User’s data (such as address, phone number) if changed, should immediately contact the Les Aède operation team to update the order information right the way.

And the user shall not be inaccurate data for a reason, denied his/her order or refuse to pay, have caused to this site by any of the above situations, will be considered legal rights violation.

Les Aède retains all right to accept orders or not.

Personal data security

This site will be in accordance with the relevant provisions of the personal data protection act protects a user’s personal information. The Les Aède site used a secure transaction mode to protect all data retained by the user, confidentiality obligations and commitments, in addition to completing the deal provided for the relevant goods or services provided other manufacturers, the Les Aède site never leaks or provide personal data to the third party.


All contents of this site, including text, images, buttons, products, creations, Les Aède owns all intellectual property.

Without agreement of this site, shall not be reproduced content on this site for any profit purpose.

Without the license given by Les Aède, shall not reproduce, publish, display, disseminate, modify, or create the content which is directly related to the site.


All retail products provided by this website, which can be directly ordered or preordered, are currently on the posts.

If there are a large number of purchasing requirements, please contact our official email, the Les Aède site’s management team will reply soon.

All prices on this website are shown as US dollars, product prices may be updated from time to time, shall be subject to the newest information.

Product’s color presented on the screen, may be a little different to do with the real products, the buyer will be deemed to agree with the color differences.

Legal basis

All content provided by this site reserves the change and the right to correct errors.

This site retain the right of terminate these terms, or stop all of the user’s violation at any time, without reason cases.


If use this website results the rights violation or breach of any user of this site to local law, the site’s owner and manager, Les Aède brand team has the right to resort to legal means.

And Les Aède brand team has the right to ask the user for all business losses, operating expenses related to the damages.


If any details of the terms is found to be invalid, or not recognized by the law, or does not have the effect of enforcing, that part will be considered independently of other provisions, does not affect the validity of the whole document.

Have any question about these terms, please contact, described it in the email of the user’s problem, the Les Aède management team will respond to the issue as soon as possible.


Les Aède

2016 June