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Les Aède Design-Skyline Debut




Design Concept Art: Skyline Debut

Words by Designer

" The stage and audiences are ready, let’s make the show begin! "




Design Draft of Skyline Debut (Canvas Print Part)

How The Design Come Up ?

" I’d like to separate the artwork in 3 pieces of canvas prints, to make each part of it more attractive, and easier to be focus on. "

" These three canvases arranged in a stairway of straight, shows the moment which was the sky showing its dance. "

" Each part has its own beauty to taste, and when they come together, all the stunning details are included in this canvas prints set at the same time! "



Design Draft of Skyline Debut (Photo Story Book Part)

How The Design Come Up ?

" To sum up this creating period, here came a collection book. "

" With all of the artworks and their stories in it, and also the cover is the best masterpiece to present this design project. "

" Each story book has a number which fits into the creating period under the Les Aède brand sign. "




Full Design of Skyline Debut (Product Simulation)



I’ve have a deep bound to canvas prints since I started photographing.
Turning my photos into canvas print works always makes me feel my heart being completed.

After hanging new frames on my workshop wall, I touched those prints and feel the aroma from woods, the scene now is real in my own space, nothing can make me happier than that.

Printed on a bright and rough canvas surface makes the photo come alive.
Take a look at it very closely, the colors of photo are like oil paintings covered on the material, and the fragrance of pine wood spreads from the frames, just like being through again of my outdoor photographing travel.
I can just sit on my couch and watch it for a whole day.









Photographing is like making lots of footprints in my life.
Collecting and watching them when take a short break from works, could be a great enjoyable dessert to charge my heart.
I think a physical book is a nice media to help me sum up my treasures in this creating period.

The photo book has a square size, with cardboard covers, to include all the works in it.
The pages, they have no bending curves, just flat and stunning to show the works perfectly.
Each page paper is thick and heavy, the weight of artworks can be totally felt.
When I sit on couch, open this book, I will be totally fulfilled in this moment.




Produce Information


Les Aède communicated with fixed manufacturer partners about product design, to get an initial consensus on production.

After making samples, modifying and adjusting numerous times, finally a sample which was totally fitted Les Aède’s require had been made,

it would be the prototype used in formally produced.

Les Aède signed contract with manufacturer partners, to make sure that quality design products can be supplied continuously.



- Product Detail -


Product Title:Skyline Debut

Price:USD$ 271.65

Contents: Canvas print in 3 different pieces, 1 Photo Story Book, 1 Book Paperbox, 1 PVC Book Slipcase


Canvas print:

Size: 15" x 10” (38.1cm x 25.4cm) per piece

Total length and width of full set on wall: 55cm x 83cm

Material: Archival canvas, Environmental friendly oil-based ink, Pine stretched frame, Hanging steel rope


Photo Story Book:

Size: 21 cm x 21 cm (22 pages)

Flat opened length and width: 21 cm x 42 cm

Material: Matte film cardboard, 250 pounds imported coated art paper, six-color digital printing


Shipping:EMS USD$53.34 / FedEx USD$164.14 (one product)
(The shipping is counted each order, remote area may charge additional shipping.)

Shipping Way:EMS / FedEx (Optional at checkout)

Shipping Time:30 days after the order being confirmed


.Flat size measurement: allowed +- 1~3cm for error

.All images about product in this page is for reference only, the specification and colors may be slightly different with the real product.




Release Information






Les Aède Design-Skyline Debut

Les Aède Design-Skyline Debut
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Product Code LESCB182
Condition New
Weight 4.0000Kg




After ordered

After the order is received, customer can track it in member center,
and receive Les Aède's report emails, to know the latest progress and informations about the product.

The full package that customer receives will include introduction and accessories additionally.





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